“Writing is the shaping of letters to represent spoken words which, in turn, represent what is in the soul.”
The Mugaddimah of IBN, KHALDUN

I write because it is healthy for my soul. I share some of that writing because I have come to believe that those feelings and experiences that are most personal are also the most universal. I offer some  of my writing here in the hope that others might find companionship in the journey, light for the darkness, and occasional glimpses of God along the way.

I am in a time of transition in my life. Having spent more than 30 years of my adult life in the church, specifically as a clergyperson in the United Church of Christ, I am in a time of discernment about what shape the next phase will take. While still connected to the church, it’s presence and role in my life are different now, and I journey more in the world as a sojourner, less with a sense of role or specific function. I am a bread baker, music maker, and word weaver; and very much want my life to be about healing and hope, harmony and hospitality. The specifics are still taking shape.

I am part of the 5th generation born in the same town in northeastern Vermont, and was born to and raised by a dairy farmer and school teacher. I have lived and served in a variety of places along the northern tier of this country, and am currently growing in familiarity and affection for northern Idaho. Not the politics or some of the cultural norms, but the scenic beauty and connections I experience here with the natural world, as well as a relaxed and easy going pace of life, and honest and open interactions with the people I meet along the way. It’s hard not to appreciate a place where huckleberries and cranberries grow wild; eagles stop off on their way south and spend a couple of months eating Lake Coeur d’Alene salmon and entertaining the locals; summer nights are cool and nighttime skies are bright.