July 2014 archive

Who Knew?

WHO KNEW? beside the boat launch and public beach a woman looking up caught my eye and swiveled my head scaling the length of spruce and pine I finally spotted the great blue heron parked like an angel on top of a hundred foot Christmas tree as statuesque as the figurine that belongs at water’s …

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Getting Around to It

GETTING AROUND TO IT I love our house plants. A few have come from professional growers and were generously given to us on special occasions, but far more have been shoots off other plants. Some have fallen victim to cat antics that tumbled a pot and broke a branch; a little quiet rooting time in …

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This Summer Day

THIS SUMMER DAY  frantic little hummingbirds do you ever grow weary of frenetic fluttering about the relentless rush of racing to nowhere you buzz me as I bring more food dive bomb each other refusing to drink from the same fountain rejecting the concept of room for four sneak a peek at Mary’s poem and …

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