Wilderness Wandering


let the toe tapping begin
perhaps deep breathing more in keeping
with triathlon pacing
too soon to be counting days
this journey
across barren landscapes
featureless horizons
long past 40 days
please, don’t let that 40 become years

the way back is sealed
a promise beckons
the land flowing with milk and honey
a place and a people to call home
my soul’s soil fertile and well watered
cradling seed, bearing fruit
ready to look beyond my own navel
to the wholeness of others

in the meantime
we’ve got bushes
and birds
rocks, lots of rocks
listening for the One who sees what I cannot
provider of enough for one day at a time
time to pluck manna
keep an eye open for water
put one foot in front of the other

allusions to Exodus 16 – 17

17 March 2014

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