New Life

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our yard declared it first
small green shoots peered out
cautiously, yet steadily
came into view
dustings of snow amid warming lows
gentle rain, caressing sun
shoots grew to leaves
buds fattened and swelled
now hover on the brink
poised to burst with color
dance with new life

the church’s announcement soon followed
the tomb is empty
death has been shattered
stalking terror banished
discarded trappings shaken off
promise and hope launched center stage
collapsed lungs fill with fresh breath
frayed nerves knit into seamless wholeness
crumbled bones pulse with possibility
failures turned friends quiver in anticipation

and me?
I’m doing my best
to stave off the suspicion
that life is behind me
clinging to the confidence
a seed lies dormant
encased in the cold
cradled in the night

19 April 2013

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