Who Knew?


beside the boat launch and public beach
a woman looking up
caught my eye and swiveled my head
scaling the length of spruce and pine
I finally spotted the great blue heron
parked like an angel
on top of a hundred foot Christmas tree
as statuesque as the figurine
that belongs at water’s edge

curious the source of this aberration
suspicious he’d climbed to great heights
in search of a moment’s peace
a few key strokes and I knew
has been observing while I was not
herons seek like-feathered friends
mate, nest, congregate in colonies
safe above the fray

the more I look
the more I see
the more I see how much I don’t know
fail to appreciate the marvels in every day
blessed are those who have eyes to see
and open them to wonder


    • soozi on August 3, 2014 at 7:08 pm

    “scaling the length of spruce and pine”…very nice rhythm.

    You know how much Herons mean to me…the epitome of elegance…
    your final lines remind me of a saying a botany professor had: ” if you want to connect with life…watch a carrot grow.”

  1. Thanks, Soozi! Herons are one of my favorites too. And since I don’t have any carrots to watch, maybe I’ll go watch the tomatoes grow and eventually turn red. Great image!

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