Snow Day


it’s a sunshine on snow laden trees
kind of day
give stress, anxiety
the relentless push to accomplish
a day off
lay it all down
and make yourself a snow angel
whack a branch and send snow scurrying
liberating what was bent over
releasing it to rise and stretch
swish down a hill
glide through the trees
delight in the fresh start
winter blanketed world
savor the pinkening clouds that enfold
offer benediction at day’s end
give thanks for the gift
praise the Giver of holy playgrounds

31 January 2014


    • soozi on February 9, 2014 at 11:03 am

    It gladdens the heart does it not? These days of bitter brisk cold that cause the snow to share it’s inner crystalline brilliance and then titter at us with squeaks as we step across its beauty. I do so love winter!

  1. There’s more than one poet in this family… And so much to cherish about winter.

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