Dare to Imagine

Where did your imagination take you as a child? What did you see, dream, aspire to, pretend? I can’t imagine I ever dreamed of being a famous rock star, but I know I spent hours singing along to records holding an imaginary microphone in front of my face, so maybe. Others donned a cape and prepared to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Some had a friend who was a constant and faithful companion, invisible to the rest of the world but vivid and alive in oh, so many essential ways. Some played doctor, teacher, engineer, pilot, cook, mother, or miner. The really wide eyed may dream of ridding the world of AIDS or Ebola, ending human hunger or California’s drought, or ushering in the reign of peace. But eventually most of us grow up, reality moves in, life beats us down and we adjust our sights a little lower. Sometimes so much lower they lay flat on the ground without the faintest echo of a pulse.  Our hearts are broken and our dreams smashed. We accept that we have lead feet and minimal talent, and settle down to eke out a living and slog our way through one day after another.

What if it doesn’t have to be this way? Thank God it isn’t for everybody! I celebrate the dreamers and explorers who first harnessed the power of lightning and brought us electricity, who studied birds and wind currents to figure out that we really can fly, who brought an end to polio and created penicillin and even now are developing life-saving possibilities in the battle against cancer. What about the people who noticed a sparkle and began panning for gold, and dug in order to follow a vein of silver? I love Madeleine L’Engle’s story of the countless times she submitted her book A Wrinkle in Time before it was finally accepted for publication, only to eventually be a Newbery Award winning classic. And then there are the parents who teach their child how to run and laugh, learn and give as the rest of the world tells them they are disabled.

Granted, not all of us have it within our reach to save the world, be a record setting Olympic athlete, become the poet laureate of the United States or design the latest and greatest in technology, but most us are gifted and skilled to accomplish more than we imagine. What might happen if we listen in when Angel Gabriel tells Mother Mary that with God, nothing is impossible; and then mine this truth in our own lives? Later this month, the Church will celebrate Pentecost and God’s gift of the Holy Spirit, a gift that promises to help the young see visions and the old dream dreams. What dreams does God have for us and our lives? And just what might happen if we dare, once again, to imagine the possibilities?


    • Gloria Bingel on May 9, 2015 at 8:28 am

    Hi Alice, what a wonderful and much needed surprise in my email. I read your musings and found it very thought provoking. Earlier I had been listening to some you tube clips about some things going on in this country and my anxiety level was raising to an all time high. I know that bad things happen every where, every day, but you thoughts brought me back to reality and the need to carry on with my goals and dreams. I have been waiting for the state to approve my business name, but received a rejection letter yesterday. Last night I did a lot of research and then proceeded to write my appeal. I was going to mail it out today, but this morning had a second thought, “why bother, they’re just going to shoot me down again”. I almost ripped up the envelope, but I pushed it aside. And then I opened my email. My attitude changed, and after reading your piece, I am moving forward and sending the appeal out. Why should I let one person destroy my dream of my business and the name I want. It has a significant meaning with a slogan that to me defines the name. So thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom. Once again I have found strength in your words. Miss you and love you! Gloria

  1. Gloria, I’m pleased that my words resonated for you. While none of us can truly turn off reality, we also shouldn’t give up on our dreams as quickly as we often do. I’m glad you’re taking another step, and hope you’ll get a difference response this time.

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