January in Eastern Montana

January in Eastern Montana

wind ravaged
irrigation equipment abandoned
or perhaps left
to ride out the freeze
wait for seed planting, life nurturing days
cattle pens empty
animals whipped
while foraging on grasses
unprotected in the snow

not exactly hospitable
throw open the door
come sit by the fire

I’m only passing through
on my way to somewhere else
still I feel the chill
recognize the landscape
not sure if the road will take me to warmth
or the passing of days
the stubborn searching of my own heart
just know I’m ready for the invitation of an open door
the shelter of a place by the hearth
the comfort of being home

15 January 2013

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    • Doug on December 31, 2013 at 9:35 am

    Some differences, but could also be Vermont. Thanks for the rich images.

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